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Default Re: Does anyone have???

Originally Posted by kaileyscott View Post
You are soo helpful! I have been dying to make the background white on my pics! Tonya on here was soo sweet with a tutorial for ME, but the screen shots she used---my version didn't look that way. Michelle did a tutorial too but I can't get it to work. I want to be able to take any picture and remove the whole background. I also need some help putting names on pics and like watermarks to protect people from copying all my pics. I know I am asking a lot!

I love doing stuff like this :-) I will download a trial tomorrow so I can get some screenshots that look like what you are seeing. If you have yahoo messanger instead i could just walk you through it too, that sometimes works a but better so you dont have to wait if you have a question. i'm groth1002 on yahoo and if you dont have that like i said, i'll download the trial tomorrow because i know atleast the menu is a bit different
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