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Default Re: Finally Professional Pics!!!

thanks for not watermarking it lol gonna snag it!

JUST KIDDING ! make sure you watermark that cause those aps are very common AND my biggest seller

It does really make a differnce to have the background cut out! my wonderful sister does mine, BUT it takes FOREVER to do them
Originally Posted by sparklingrubies View Post
I got sooo tired of everyone telling me "Oh, it is so much more beautiful in real life, the picture doesn't do it justice"
So I found the cheapest photographer around! Can you believe everyone else charges $20 a pic? Crazy!! I'm soo glad I found someone cheaper. I really think the clips look real to life, don't you? I really hope this will help me charge more per item too

She is so sweet, I told her I knew lots of people who could use her services so she is willing to give a good price if you mention my name, Roxenne.

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