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As for pricing for my cards, I came into it with the idea of wanting a little girl's head so the bows could 'sit' on it, and I knew my 'name'. Oh yeah, I also wanted the green stripes and the little girl to look Asian (I'm Korean). So he emailed me about 8 samples of 'Asian' faces that he hand drew, and then I kind of picked what I liked and didn't like. One more thing, I knew the size of the card I wanted. He basically did the rest. Once he got the prototype down, we just did a few emails back and forth on the proofs, and he sent them to printing.

In total, it was probably about 3 weeks - more or less. So I paid for the 'creation' and then 1000 bow holding cards, and 250 business cards. It came to $342.89 for everything. The cards have a glossy finish and they're a decent card stock. I'm really happy with them. I've shown them to family/friends and have gotten really good feedback on them. Now I just need to start selling stuff! LOL.

I've been really busy the past month or so, so I haven't had the time to really pursue my bow-making ventures. I have a couple of things lined up that I just need to bring in 'stock', but I just can't seem to find the time. I know, pretty stupid of me. After this weekend, things should calm down for me and then I can get back into the bow making biz. I miss it as I think its theraputic.

Anyway, I'm glad you guys like them. Hope everyone else posts 'samples' of the cards as well! I LOVE looking at everyone's stuff! Its SO inspirational!
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