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Default Quilting Thread or regular thread

When you do korkers, do you use quilting thread or regular thread?

Also, doooo any of you ever use your microwave to dry them? So like if you add a bit of starch, have you ever thrown them in the mircrowave for a final touch for 15 or so seconds?

Ok, now, keep in mind.... when I tell you the following, I am new to this. I "tried" putting a grosgrain ribbon on a dowel and sprayed it with a touch of starch and put it in the microwave... low and behold, I look over, and it's smoking. the middle was melted and black (not the dowel, the ribbon apparently). lesson learned.

I did figure out that I didn't have enough starch on my korkers, and that is why they weren't turning out well. I am making my own korkers now! I just started Thursday or Friday and I can't believe how easy they are to make (the korkers) and put together, now that I have the right amount of starch!
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