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Default Re: How do I charge Paypal fees?

here is a related question to the pro ladies here that have used paypal for a while.
Since paypal takes their fee from the total amount no matter if it's the tax, the shipping or the good. It also takes a fee of the fee you charge so you still would a be a few cents, or sometimes dollars off. I'm a right?
Here is an example.
Product $10.00
Paypal fee 2.9% + $0.30= $0.59

So logically you should only charge $10.59; however while looking at that website you ladies provide we need to charge $10.61 so we will receive $10 because they will take a paypal fee on the fee. so we really have to charge more than 2.9% + .30. I just figure this out after I was a few dollars short in a gb I did (thankfully it wasn't too much, only $4.00 total so it was still worth it
I made the mistake to not use the website you ladies provided and I just calculated it in the spreadsheet. I'll have to either change my formula next time or just use the website provided.
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