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Default Re: Has anyone ever...

Originally Posted by pat font View Post
It was me who dipped them in resin and I attached them to the bow with E6000 and they hold great i pulled as hard as i could to make sure they where holding...anyway I did it cause I was in a big hurry with this regular customer and she was dying for a pair of small bows for her baby so I explained very well to her what they where and that she must be really carefull while the baby was wearing them....I suggest that if you are going to use them on a regular basis you test them really well before.
I mean for durability and to make sure they really won`t fall and become a hazard.You can see them here they are on the pair of small pigtail bows
Thanks for the advice. Have not gotten around to trying this dd is teething and not sleeping much which does not allow for much bow time.
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