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Default Re: 3D base help!

I made some for the first time last night. And I had the same problem. I was making about 25 of these. I glued two loops and tried to make one slightly smaller than the other. The smaller one is the one I nestled inside the other loop. So it kind of perked it up and made it look like the same size as the other loop. The fabri-tac glue, and it gives you a little bit of give to adjust it if you need to, as long as you work quickly. So I just made the two loops, adjusted as needed, then glued together. Before moving on the the next one. (I hope that made sense!)

As for them being too far apart, I nestled mine a little closer together than the instructions showed. That seemed to fix the problem. And mine turned out just fine! (or atleast I like to think they looked okay! haha)
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