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Default Re: Triplet little girls- HELP!

Originally Posted by reagansribbons View Post
Do you have any of those small headbands that there was a group buy for awhile back? You can make a tutu with those that will fit on the baby's back (does that makes sense at all???). I made one for one of my photographer friends and she loves it since she just just place it around the waist and it doesn't get all bunched underneath the baby. I made my first one with a regular plastic headband that I would normally weave the ribbon on but it was a little too long IMO.
Thanks! I did one with the headband once. Might try the other way... I'm just sooo excited!

Originally Posted by princess_stinkypants_mom View Post
I just worked on some Triplets a few weeks ago but they were 1! I say go with the skinny headbands-those look so sweet.
the pic is cute! The "Mom" said I can use her girls whenever I want!

Originally Posted by alyssa23 View Post
I think the singed flowers on skinny headbands would look sooo cute! I think all you do is either glue or sew the elastic together and then most people take and glue the headband in between a piece of flet and the flower so that the end is not showing. LOL i hope that makes sense.
I didn't even think about using felt! thanks! That'll also be soft on their heads.

Originally Posted by petliks View Post
I just can't get past the thought of having a one year old and then three....THREE infants!!!! Wow! That just blows my mind. I love the skinny headbands with the rolled fabric flowers....and feathers. There is a post that the title is something like what flower is this? it has two beautiful examples. Can't wait to see a pic from your session good luck!
thanks for the thread idea. I think I will get the skinny headbands for sure! Maybe I'll try a couple different flowers!

Originally Posted by grandmasclippies View Post
Thanks for the links! Those are cute!

Originally Posted by jos77 View Post
Whoa! I also can not get past the 1yr old and infant triplets.

I have a 9mth old and very well behaved 4 yr old and I seem to lose it at least once a day , so much so that I'm looking to see if I can get a "happy pill" from my DR before I run away screaming like a crazy woman.

Good luck on the session, can't wait to see pics.
Me either! I have a 3.5 year old boy and a "just turned" 2 boy. They are a handful in them self!

Originally Posted by MelissaTBC View Post
I don't have any advice, but did want to say I am offering up a prayer that she has a wonderful, supportive and helpful husband and family. She is definitely going to need it but at the same time, I can't help but think, HOW FUN! and exhausting. But, when she gets past these first 4-5 years, she's good, lol. Not like the rest of us crazy people (read me) who spread it out over years and years and years.
She has a wonderful husband! she is very lucky! All three of us were friends in high school. She came to my son's 2nd birthday party with her 1 year old and left the triplets at home with her hubby all by himself! It was just too hot to bring them out that day. But he stayed home with them all by himself.
Now, how many of our husbands wouldn't freakout with triplets that small by themselves?! **Mine would take off running** lol
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