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Default Re: Triplet little girls- HELP!

Originally Posted by lilamy_01 View Post
I have the awesome pleasure of having a friend who has triplet little girls. they are about 5-7 pounds each and she is letting me put my items on them for a few pics this weekend. I'm not taking the pics- another girl on this board is.
Any ideas for some real cute pics? I've gotta bust my butt to make some of those skinny elastic headbands the next couple nights. I have three small pettiskirts from HH (my last resort)

What else would be cute on them? She also has a 1 year old little girl.

Ideas? Props? Things to wear?

Thanks in advance!
OMG triplets and a 1 y/o GOD bless her!
can you make mini singed flowers out of satin on skinny elastic those are sooo cute on babies.
GL and post pics when they are done.
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