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Default Re: For a BEGINNER bowmaker, which is better...NGNB or BBM?

I just got the twisted from BBM yesterday and i LOVE it!!! I have been making bows for several years and could never make a twisted look right. It is great and anyone would be able to use it. Just to give you an idea, my 1st 7/8 width ribbon twisted looked just ok and my 2nd looks good enough to sell! I've only made one with 1 1/2 ribbon and it's just ok (didn't get the loops completely even) but I know with practice it'll be great! I am so glad that I ordered it! I have the templates for "classic" bows that I ordered when I also ordered my gator bite and I am assuming those are kind of like the NGNG ones. I like to use those for classic bows and pinwheels. Good luck in whatever you decide to go with!
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