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Default Re: Quick and easy way to bling your flowers

Originally Posted by lovedove View Post
I'm the exact same way!!! I love the looks of glitter but I HATE dealing with it. My mother in law always buys the girls tops with glitter on them and if the glitter is falling off then I turn the shirt inside out and it just stays in the closet until they outgrow it! I just can't handle it!!

Great idea Kelli! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, at least I know I'm not alone! I love the Christmas holiday except when I go into store and everything Christmas has glitter on it!!!! UGH, won't touch it. Birthday cards, my kid's school projects, nothing..........I never had a horrible experience with it but it seems to go EVERYWHERE.
My cousin's wife came into town for their first visit and bought my girls a few presents, glitter my little ponies. Of course my kids saw it and ripped open the package before I could rush the ponies back to the store. Luckily we were at my mom's house and my mom B*$ched for days about finding glitter everywhere. She's now a glitterphob too. We now joke about it with my cousin's wife that paybacks are a B*$ch! She has a little girl now. I'm thinking of buying one to mail to her for her first birthday as payback (along with the gift receipt because she even admitted it was an AWFUL toy) just to pick on her.
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