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Default Here's a doozy for ya!

Ok gals, here's the challenge:

My friend and her sister are going to race as a team in an upcoming bike race. Here's the email she sent me:

"Hi Amy, Kristine and I are thinking about competing in the San Diego Urban Dare bike race as "Sister Bling" in August. We had plastic flowers on our helmets, but I would love to add a little bling from Lil Pixie Bowtique. Free advertising! Can you make us a little bling that can be attached or wrapped around a bike helmet. Our color is baby blue."

I was thinking about those hydrangea petal hats that the babies are wearing these days that are super cute. I know someone sells the tutorial for them on here...I sent her a pic and she LOVED the idea...which is great. But now I have to make it happen. LOL. Do you think the hat would fit around a bike helmet though????

If I use a waffle beanie I think I'd have to get a pretty big waffle beanie, wouldn't you think? Unless they stretch quite a bit...I don't have any on hand...What do you gals think? Any ideas? TIA. XOXO Amy

***All proceeds from sales go towards medical costs for "Angel" Audrey***
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