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Default Re: I am having a hard time selling items :( What can I do?

Originally Posted by izzy21484 View Post
Thank you guys! What can I do about the pics is there any programs that i can do backgrounds or silhouettes or anything since some of the items have sold so i can't take pics of those things I am trying to find a metal mannequin but have no luck in my area jo ann has a dress form but it's 300. I'm just starting out so can't afford that. What do you use to display shirts and tutus?
Not sure if you have a hobby lobby near you but they have wire forms and they run them 50% off sometimes.

I think shirts would look cute on a pretty hanger against a nice background or clipped to a clothesline outside. I agree....tutus look best on a little girl.

Scour your goodwill or thriftstore for unusual displays. Sometimes the strangest things will make a great display. I found a metal branch card tree and clipped bows on it.

Good luck!
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