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Default Re: I am having a hard time selling items :( What can I do?

I have to agree with pattock6 on this one. I think you've got the right idea in terms of colour combo's etc, but your ideas need a little fine tuning. Heat sealing is a big thing, but an easy fix! The bow on one of your tutus is a little off in the middle. Try doing a search for free tutorials here for tails down bows -this should help you fix the middle.
Once your products are fine tuned, then you need to work on your photos. Try making a light box -all you need is some poster board from Walmart and some masking tape. This will give you a nice white background to work from. You can use objects you have around the house to help you display them - for example, you can use a vase to display headbands.
The best thing to do is check out etsy and see what other bow and tutu makers are using, it really has tons of great ideas!
And hey, don't get discouraged, you're on the right path, and we're all constantly learning new things!

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