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Default Re: I am having a hard time selling items :( What can I do?

ok here is what I think... Pictures speak a thousand words and to me it looks like your just selling stuff laying around your house. The pictures show no pride in your work. You should never take pictures of stuff you are trying to sell laying against a pillow or your hand, one picture I saw a not so clean carpet? Also ummmm, you need to heat seal the end of your ribbons, a lot of bows, and things I saw the ribbon was fraying.. ummm it all takes time and to me it looks like your newer at this bow stuff, and that might make a difference too, when I first started I could only sell to really really close friends because my stuff was very newbie. Now after a year later, it is better and I am getting better. So, you can take my advice for what it is worth and I tried not to be too brutal BUT I think things shouldn't be sugar coated...

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