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Default Re: Help!! What should I sell these for??

.25-1.00 each depending on the maker. the cheaper usually means cheaper quality. custom orders like personalized or photographs usually go for a lil more but only for retail, wholesale it's harder to charge more since your customers are other boutiques and not just a customer who would buy a necklace/keychain. hope that makes since.

when i was in a bind and pressed for time i bought some finished bottle caps for .25-.40 each and i couldnt use them cause the image and resin quality was very poor. they are actually still sitting here, unsure what to do with them lol.

Originally Posted by AngieColeman View Post
Awesome, I was thinking $3.00 but I had no idea if I was anywhere even close to being right.

Do you know what finished bottlecaps sell for? Retail and/or wholesale?

Thank you, thank you!
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