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Default Re: Anyone Need Baby Model?

Originally Posted by This Mom Erin View Post
I'm doing a shoot for Mom2-4 at the end of this month and one of the girls has a baby sister who will also be there (not in the shoot) if anyone needs/wants a model, she is seriously one of the cutest ever. I'm specifically looking for tutus and hair pretties for this one as long as it's big enough not to get lost in all these pretty curls. I have worked with cbettua and sassyseedling if you'd like references, I am sure they will vouch they were happy with their photos but let me know if you need examples. Baby T's pic I took is included. Thanks!

ETA: I'm only taking two or three designers because I want to be sure I don't get overwhelmed or miss anyone's products during the shoot and this will be a long day anyway- FIVE little girls for Mom2-4. Wowzers!
I would love to send you a few things. I work with a wonderful photographer right now, but her infant work is sporadic. PM me the details or send me an email jennmarsh @ hughes . net. Thanks!
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