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Default Subscribing to threads

One of the best things I learned a couple of months back was how to subscribe to threads in this website. Before that I was always marking up a storm (often times embarrassed by it because seems like I was on every thread ) Well, someone here posted about how to mark and let me tell you I ALWAYS use that function. I think some OP's are bothered by people marking, I know this because once an OP put on her post "please do not mark this thread, subscribe", I don't want to annoy anyone so I stalk the threads privately and subscribe . So for those who don't know how to subscribe and want to know I will tell you. Go to that thread. On the top right corner you will see a box saying Thread Tools click on it. Then click to Subscribe To Thread and viola! You will now see that thread on your User PC and keep track of any tuts or GB you are intersted in. You can also unsubscribe. Anyway, hope that helps. Have a great day!
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