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Default Re: crop a dile and snaps

Ok I bought a crop-a-dile big bite yesterday and here's my experience so far with the snaps:

I was using Dritz size 16 snaps, and it took some fiddling around with it to figure out what combo works best. I have had about 5 very broken hours of sleep so can't remember what I ended up with, I will repost with that info later when my brain is functioning correctly again.

For the bottom part of the snaps, it works great, nice and flat and tight. On the part with the stud, I found the best way was to just start it out by pressing down a bit and then finish it off with a hammer. Not ideal, but at least it saves hammering the entire thing. And I only needed to give it one whack to set the top properly.

I was using UB ribbon, which is thinner, and used it on 1, 2, and 3 layers. All of them were fine, I didn't have them come out at all, even repeatedly closing and opening the snaps. And if you use 2 or 3 layers of ribbon the snaps set easier, even the stud part, on the 3 layer I didn't need to hammer at all. And I just hammered it by putting it in the hole of a thread bobbin, just as the instructions for the snap said to do.

I did notice that the ribbon might get a little warped where the snap goes, I am still working on that.

Plus the opening is a little awkward to get the snaps in place with the ribbon without it sliding off, but I'm sure with practice I will get better.

I'm not going to say it's perfect, but it doesn't have a setting for 7/16 anything, which is what a size 16 snap is, so to me to only have to hammer once per snap seems something I can live with. I haven't checked yet but I am also going to see if they have snaps that would go better with the sizes it does do.

I also plan to use it for cardmaking etc so it is definitely not something I regret buying. I got it for $20 after a 50% off coupon from Michaels.

HTH anyone else wanting to know about it!
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