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Originally Posted by gngr78us View Post
So when you sew it you dont have to tie it? I been doing both. LOL
I tie everything then go back through and sew to make sure they are secure. But, I figured out that the twisted are easier just to sew. Here are the pics. I hope you can understand through my bad

I do the figure 8 and then put it into the salon clip. I pull the loops to a good position....making sure the back is straight and even!!

I start with my needle at the back of the bottom and go through the front and make 3 stitches. I try to space them evenly, but it doesn't always work.

Then, I pull it tight making the valleys. I take the thread and wrap it two or three times around the whole bow. I take my needle down through the middle of the bow.

I arrange the valleys and pull it tighter or loosen it if needed. This is where I straighten it so the top and bottom doesn't curve backward. You can see in the first pic that they are pulled slightly back, and the second pic is straightened.

After all that, I tie the needle off!!...All done!!
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