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Default Re: Raggie bow troubles

NO! Please don't stay away from it!

I doubt everyone else has as much of a hard time with it as I am. I know I have seen rave reviews on it, it's good.

Sometimes you just don't see something you are doing wrong is all, I'm thinking. That is why I am hoping for help here.

I think the tut is very thorough. I don't know if I'm rolling the wrong way ( so the knots are facing out, I think is what I was doing) or what. If she can do it ( the owner of the tut), I'm sure I can.

Sometimes I get hung up on something that is easy. It just drives me crazy is all when I am new to something because I am good at doing hard things so to speak lol.

I can usually figure things out or figure out what I am doing wrong, but I am new to this stuff and well the korkers and this are driving me nuts.

Don't think just because a couple people are having a hard time, that it isn't worth it. Ask around though for feedback from many before making the decision I say.

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Glad I saw this, thinking that perhaps I'll stay away from that tutorial, I was looking at it the other day.
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