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Default Raggie bow troubles

Ok, so I LOVE the idea of making raggie bows from fabric.

I bought the tutorial, but mine are soo not turning out anything like the ones I see in the tut or other places.

But now i have decided I'd rather sew mine, I can do them in bed or whereever if I do that.

I know people sew them also, ....but I can't find a tut for them. Is there another name people tend to call them?

I have tried to do my own version of sewing them ( many) and they don't work out either. I am at my wits end!

I followed the raggie bow instructions carefully, but they just look like a bunch of bunched up fabric strips and usually just stand next to each other, no matter how much I pull them, fluff name it.

I am a quick learn mind you, so this is really frustrating, because I know these aren't hard to make.

But i have spent hours and hours and hours and hours trying to do this. I soo want to make them because I had to give up on making korker bows as I struggled with those also. Otherwise I do ok with making things, though.

Please, someone find me a tut for sewing the raggie bows that might actually work for me, as I apparently am not talented enough to do the raggie bow tut that involves hot glue.

i know people aren't wanting to always share their methods/secrets, and I understand, but I'm desperate here. I really am. I want to have my own raggie bows to sell at my 1st craft show.

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