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Default Re: Ongoing Rate For Photo Editing Services?

Originally Posted by blessedwith3 View Post
I edit photos myself and this is not very good at all IMO. It is way too bright and looks fake. The watermark should be in front of the picture as well and more transparent.

If anyone is interested in photo editing I am willing to work out a deal for photo editing for product images and watermarking, just PM me! The prices I have on my website for photo editing are more for family pictures, and collages but I also have one listed for product photo editing for .50 and image minimum of 50 images. For something like this I would charge HG customers: .40 image plus 3% paypal fee charge per picture minimum 40 pictures.
yours photo is really soft and very soothing... I requested for something that blends in with the white background hence.. it will be a little bright..

now that u mention.. yeah.. i also think that the watermark should be a bit more transparent...

But I have already committed 200 images.. Anyway I am still satisfied with his work...
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