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I agree that the first is the back of the bow. I think almost all of us started out doing that - I know I have SEVERAL of my first bows where I used the back instead of the front. As for the others, it looks like the top and bottom part of your x (where the center knot is) is being pulled backward. They looked curved toward the back of the bow which would cause your loops to curve back. If you can, get them to line with the rest of the middle and that should help to align your loops. I hope that what I am saying makes sense?!?

The twisted bow is difficult to figure out. There are posts on this forum all the time about different ways to do it. I like to use the figure 8 method, but don't tie them like I do the other bows I make. ( I started sewing the middle and it works much better now. I make three stitches through the middle to get the valleys right.

ETA: I can take pics of what I am talking about when I get home if you want me to.
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