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Default Re: do you ever get down??

Originally Posted by chippychick View Post
What one person thinks as awesome is another person's thumbs down. If I love something and no one else does.. then hopefully I love it enough to keep it for myself.

I have a hard time completing a project without going to the next awesome idea. Today I am completing some "undone projects". Now that feels good. Baby steps a little at at time. We all shine at something. Be proud and keep practicing..

I can keep myself from getting down because creating and crafting makes me happy and keeps more boredom away. I don't know what I would do if I did not have something to do, however I don't have children at home; just grandaughters that snatch up all the goodies.

Chin up missy...
I cannot count the projects I have half done... I have so much creativity but only so many hours in the day being mom and dad to my two kids (both under 2!)
I love all my stuff or I would never try to sell it. I hate when people are disappointed in something I have done.
It is hard on websites like this because everyone is SOOO STINKIN AWESOME, but out in your neighborhood, how many people can do what you can? How many people are envious of your talents while you sit her being envious of someone elses? You are doing great!
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