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Originally Posted by GDesigns View Post
Thanks...i didn't think a wood burner would be so cheap.
I have a gift card to wal-mart from my birthday...looks like my gift is a wood burner

So if the bigger bow is black and the smaller bow is turquoise with black zebra stripes.....should the spikes be black, turquoise or zebra???? I have OCD so i have a hard time picking the colors....if they aren't just right....
(thats why I like to buy ribbon collections. Saves me headaches!)
If you have a hobby lobby near you, they are $14 I think, but then you can use a coupon and they end up being cheaper than walmart. I have never used a wood burner for spikes though.

I just fold the ribbon in half, cut at an angle, then keeping it folded and starting at the crease move the flame quickly to the tips of the spikes. I do not have any trouble that way, but it did take me a while to get it down
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