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Default Re: Ugh!!!!

Personally, I would do the spikes like this, mind you I am talking from the 1st straight across spike working up (x pattern), hope this makes sense.

center straight across spike - turquoise zebra striped
then black
then turquoise

I always try to make the straight across spike the same color as my center bow, then the spikes are coordinating colors of the spike or even colors in the surrounding loops.

Ok, I probably just confused you more, sorry!

Originally Posted by GDesigns View Post
Thanks...i didn't think a wood burner would be so cheap.
I have a gift card to wal-mart from my birthday...looks like my gift is a wood burner

So if the bigger bow is black and the smaller bow is turquoise with black zebra stripes.....should the spikes be black, turquoise or zebra???? I have OCD so i have a hard time picking the colors....if they aren't just right....
(thats why I like to buy ribbon collections. Saves me headaches!)
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