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Default Re: do you ever get down??

I felt like this too before I wanted to do a show. Am I good enough? Would it sell? Why is my stuff different??? I still see such AMAZING work on here that is posted, it inspires me to do more and to be a better seller! I can't do everything that I want, I just don't have the time. But what I have done, I am proud of.

I keep a card stapled to my bulliten board in front of my work space. It has a line of penguins on it and it says:

"Go to the front of the parade...and then act like you are supposed to be there"

That has helped me. We have to learn, that we will have to be our own biggest cheerleaders in order to be successful. Pretend for a while to fool yourself if you have to, but it works!!!! We ALL can do it!

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