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Default Re: do you ever get down??

Let me tell you, we all get it, it's natural, I cant make layered bows to save my life. I have my first show coming up in two weeks and All I'm going to have a small bows, maybe a few larger bows but not many. My 15 daughter says mom you need toget a REAL 2nd job, money is tight because I got divorced and my ex left me all the debt. Its depressing and makes me feel aweful, but my 13 year old son, comes up to me and says mom , I think you will do great, I think everything you make is awesome.

I have learned to ignore my daughter and to really persue this. Everyone I have run into that has seen my bows tells me i have talent. There are so many different bows that I want to learn to make, but I have to ld myself ONE AT A TIME, master the few that you are doing already, THEN add another kind to the mix. That is what I.m doing right now. When I get the urg the make something a little different I do.

For me this has calmed my nerves and have made me MORE confident.

We all have different talents, some bows will come easier to some than others, but none of us are quitters, and thats what will keep up all going. I wish I had found this forum years ago, to think that is some way we are each others competator, yet we have come together to help one another through the good, the bad and the hard times, giving our advice freely, making up tuts for those who are struggling on certain parts. WOW, who could ask for more.

So dont be down on yourself, there are so many of us feeling the way you do!

Sorry I got on a roll...............

Holiday, Princess, ballet shoes.....


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