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Default Re: do you ever get down??

Originally Posted by juliaschmoolia View Post
I sometimes get really depressed and discouraged when I look at all of everyones awesome creations. I just wish I could put more time into making stuff. I just have always had low self esteem and wish I could just think my stuff was awesome but I cant. I always think someone else's is WAy better. just had to vent a little...
I`ve seen your stuff and of course it is great! Don`t let you self down......I did`n`t know how to make a bow when I first started and still that way....If it wasn`t by my BBM I would be lost....sculptures have always been my side but I`ve always wanted to make great bows too and although with my BBM they do look like bows I want to get better at it.....but people see my bows and they like I think sometimes we are tooo hard on ourselves specially cause we see other super talented ladies work here and compare our work to them...but they sure started like us and have gone all the the way to where they are keep up working we will get there sometime LOL
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