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Default Re: My newest addiction - Awesome headbands

Originally Posted by lindah123 View Post
Wow, they are beautiful. Now, I don't suppose you'd care to share your secret on how to make them would you hmmmm!!!!
Well, it's very hard to explain without a tutorial or someone actually showing you. They are done on a Sizzix and they are all done with material. It's just about layering. However, it can take awhile to figure out what layering styles work best. I thought about making a tutorial but not sure if anyone would want to buy it since you would have to have a Sizzix. These are so awesome though. I definately would of bought a tutorial for them myself. I sold 3 on facebook already and I'm not even at home. They are retail for $20 and are worth every bit of that. I had no problem sight unseen selling them for that on Facebook and no one has even seen them yet.
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