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Unhappy E6000 and Shoo Goo aren't working on Flip Flops

E6000 didn't work for the flip flops that I have been making and some big clients have gotten really upset. This has cost me a lot in refunds not to mention the loss in materials.

I sanded them and waited 2 minutes before adhering the glue to the edges in a 74 degree house and waited 48 hours before letting clients have them but the edging is still coming off like it was never even glued, HELP. My business reputation is getting tarnished FAST! I tried a regular glue gun and Shoe Goo too all with light sanding but the edging still comes off of my Old Navy flip flops.

I saw a lot of options here still with HOT HOT HOT glue (would it need to be hotter than 40 watt?) and the other glue sticks for $0.70 each. What is a DEFINATE guarantee to work or is there one? PLease Please Please Help!!

Thank you!
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