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Default Re: crop a dile and snaps

I love my crop a dile. I have tried several diffrent methods of setting snaps. Hammering methods, however effective, are too loud. The grip pliers seemed to mess up more snaps than they set... and then I found the crop a dile. My walmart was clearancing a bunch of craft stuff and ended up marking it down to $5! After using it, it is totally worth paying full price for.

The way I use mine is by setting it to A and 1 on the blocks (i'm pretty sure thats correct. I'll double check in the morning and report back if I'm wrong.) On the female part, I align the prong on the cropadile with the hole in the snap and that helps align it and set the snap. For the male part I use the same setting. When you lower the cropadile make sure that the prong from the machine is aligned with the prong on the snap. As you lower it, the prong on the cropadile will recess into the machine and allow the snap to be set without messing up the snap!

It works so fast and easy! I hope those instructions made sense! Maybe I need to make a tute! Because when I bought it, I couldn't find one on how to set snaps, only eyelets! After figuring out the correct settings on the blocks, I haven't messed up a single snap!

But if you guys would like a tute with pictures, please let me know and I'll see what I can do tomorrow!
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