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Default Re: OMG this is sooo pretty

I've seen something similar to this before and it is stunning!

I can't figure out how the tulle looks like that, cause if you wrinkle it it's all sloppy.
I wonder.....thinking out loud here...can you fan fold the tulle and bake it on a low temp to 'set' the wrinkle....kind of like the baking korkers theory?

Originally Posted by babyeliza View Post
You know, it's been awhile since I've been in that store but I *think* they are tied or braided or twisted. It was honestly done so intricately that I couldn't tell. It may have been sewn but I don't know how she would have done that. I didn't really see stitches. I just know that it looked super complicated lol

also wanted to add that I think the lattice overlay stuff is organza ribbon, not tulle. I could be wrong though. It looks like it has more structure than tulle and I'm also wondering if she's using the 3" strips of tulle instead of the 6" to make the skirt bunch up like that.
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