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Default Re: People wanting to do reviews?

Originally Posted by This Mom Erin View Post
To be honest, I used to be a review blogger. I still have my blog but other life priorities took over so I haven't given it much attention. When I stopped, I had over 6oo readers and a Google PR 3 which got me some good paying advertisers... enough to pay to take my family to Disney this past winter.

I know a lot of bloggers get offended when you talk about that they are scamming people and frankly it's a lot of work, sometimes for just a $10 item and if the blogger is worth anything... well her blog will show it. By the amount of readers, the appearance of her blog, her traffic, the quality of her own photos... etc. I know I spent a lot of time researching my products, interviewing the independant makers, taking pictures and editing those pictures. But there are sloppy writers who will just copy your own photos and slap three sentences on it and call it a day. I didn't do that and many, many other product bloggers don't either.

I don't think it's too much to ask to see her media kit if she has one or ask for stats. If you don't want to do it or don't think it's worth your time, it's ok. Sometimes you get a great blogger and it's worth it, but a lot of times it's not.

Good luck!

ditto this sounds like me, I have a blogger friend who does all mine and she is great, sorry can't share since then she would be promoting two different bows LOL

have a great day, goodluck!

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