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Default Re: Is there a way to make my headbands non slip?

Originally Posted by BCBeca View Post
I would love to know a good solution to this as well!! I know some people use silicone, but honestly....I wonder about CPSIA rules and just the safety of having a chemical compound exposed to a child's scalp. I can GUARANTEE you that if I build up a large amount of stock with silicone on them, come February, we will find out that is a CPSIA no-no!!

I have tried velcro, but my daughter HATES it, so I have not pursued it. I have put chinese braid (gimp) on a few. It looks really good, and does seem to stop the slipping a bit. But, I need to get some money and place an order with hairparts for a bunch wholesale.

If anyone has any other ideas....I'd love to hear them!!

You're right! Silicone might not be the best solution...but there has to be something else. I've never tried gimp but I have some headbands of my own that I've bought in stores ( long before I started making my own, lol) and it does help stay in my hair, so that might be something I'll try. Thank you
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