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Default Bottle Cap Help....PLEASE!

Hey Ladies! My first post besides under introductions...I'm moving up! LOL!

Anyway...I am trying to make bottle caps to go on my hair bows and need a little guidance and instruction. I dont necessarily want the "dome" shape I just want a simple finish that will keep the image on the bottle cap, but also want the bottle cap to hold up through normal wear and tear.

I have used the Xyron permanent sticker maker to adhere the image to the bottle cap and then I used the Triple Thick over the top of my image, but it just doesnt get as hard as I would like for it to. I have been told to use polyurethane spray, but have not seen any other posts with people using this so was kind of scared.

Any help would be much appreciated! I just want the bottle caps to be high quality, but dont really want the high gloss/dome effect unless it is absolutely necessary for the quality of the bottlecap! Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any help! Happy Thursday everyone!
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