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Default Re: Singed Flower material

I have bought two different name brands of organza at Joanne's. One is a little stiffer than the other. (Actually three as they have it on a spool like the tulle but not too many color choices at my Joann..and it is really stiff.) I really like the stiffer (Casa I believe) one for doing the singed flowers but the "softer" one has some really beautiful colors so I do use it too. It doesn't cup as well, and the flowers are a little "flatter" but they are still very pretty. I also mix the two together for a different look. No two of my flowers are ever alike even if I use the same fabric anyway...they never singe exactly the same way. That's what I love about making these flowers.
The pp is right about putting your thumb in the center they do have a tendency to cup better that way. Holding it above the flame works better for me also but be very careful with that...I got a really REALLY bad burn on my thumb, much worse than a hot glue burn :O The more you work with them the more "tricks" you'll pick up.
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