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Default Re: Singed Flower material

Originally Posted by Aeonix View Post
Is the organza you all use a little floppy? I picked some up the other night on a whim when I had to run to HL (well, technically I was supposed to be going to WM to get something but HL is right across the street!). It's not stiff like the organza ribbon I have, and I have been practicing making singed flowers, I seem to have a little trouble getting it to cup when in a larger circle.

I only bought a small amount in a couple of colors just in case that's not the type to use, I don't sew so I don't know my fabrics as well as I could, but I am slowly learning!

I find that id you put your thumb in the middle of the circle and singe the ends it makes like a cup, but you have to hit above the edge a little to get it to curve.

You'll get it eventually, it takes some practice.

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