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Default Re: Anyone have a tut on these?

I think probably trial and error is going to be your best bet. Or, perhaps TRR's bow instructions....It seems like they have measurement recipes in there. 5/8 is unusual though- not sure I've seen anything like it in a bow instructions.

That said, TuTuCuteHairBows (I think is her name) makes REALLY nice stacked bows, with 5/8. She's obviously put in some serious time and effort on perfecting those. I bought 140 or so from her and they are awesome. Out of respect for her, her work, and her business wholesaling them...I don't think I'd try to put recipes out. KWIM?

I think you'll probably achieve it through lots of practice. Try different measurements. Try different angles (hers are really angled). Practice is the only thing that will help you make something as consistent as her work (one bow looks just like the next bow, even when comparing 100's of them).

Good luck!
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