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Default Re: People wanting to do reviews?

Originally Posted by Aeonix View Post
I agree with the others, either pass on this or maybe offer a discount. I'd pass personally..there are a lot of spelling mistakes on the blog, and when you are supposed to be representing yourself as a pro, those mistakes take away from your credibility. Actual links would be nice too, and better photos.

It might just be me but it bugs me that she doesn't seem to know how to accurately describe the items, and especially when she spelled key item words incorrectly. If I am unsure about something I am spelling, I google it. I would also spell check it, but I'm a little ocd. I still make mistakes sometimes, but this blog was full of them, which tells me she's not putting the time and effort into it that she should if she's receiving products for free.
OOOHHH ~ I couldn't even read the whole first page of the blog because of the spelling/grammar errors! That stuff really bugs me, too!
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