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Default Re: People wanting to do reviews?

Originally Posted by Wednesday View Post
I personally haven't since I don't have my products in a store yet. But I have read about this. Some things to think about: Is this blogger asking for the item for free? If so, I'd really look at the readership, how many followers do they have? Do they do a lot of reviews? What happens to the product after it is sent to her? Can you afford to send the item to them for free and not get any sales from it? Will it be worth it?

If they are buying it then doing a review, then I'd see no problem!

I personally have never bought a product based on a blog review or feature.

Agreed! If you can't afford to send it don't or charge a small fee. Also see if they will allow you to have your button linked to your website in their sidebar for 1 month for doing the blog review. Definitely check on how many followers they have! You want the biggest exposure as possible.
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