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Default Re: help with Resin??

Originally Posted by PRESHY View Post
How do you ladies cover your bottlcaps with?
I use crystal laq, and well its pretty easy its just I cant figure out on what to use to get a clear, smooth coat on the cap
Brush? popsicle stick?

Any ideas on how to cure the caps, other than crystal laq thats easy like that
Alot of the ladies use ET Lite resin, its two part resin and it has a really nice look if you do it right. I used ET lite for a long time until I switched to my Sweethart Resin get the same look as the poured resin without the mess and time and mistakes. You should really try out some of my drops, they are time and lifesavors and you get that glossy, domed look of poured resin. They are polyurethain resin drops so they are not like epoxy that arent clear and yellow..these are drops of heaven. Let me know ifyou want to try some out, you willlove them!
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