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Default Re: I did it....I just bought the funky loopy instructions

My first ones I did aren't very full either, I just started putting more pieces with my recent ones and they are now much fuller.

I also try to cut my pieces to size, but I still have to trim somewhat to make it look even, then work my way down and heat seal. I need to play around with that part too as it is a bit inconvenient to heat seal when you have so many ribbons so close together.

You really have to tug on the pieces to separate them, so I make sure I glue the underside really good so that the ribbon is secure, then pull away!

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
Ok, I tried them last night and it came out pretty good but they are no where near as full as yours. What advice can you give me? Mine sort of looked like a straight line. I kept pulling it apart but something didn't look right? It was late so I didn't take pictures but I will take pictures later on to show you guys for advice. I LOVE the full look. Maybe more pieces? I did follow the directions of how many pieces. I guess it's time to practice more. Another question for you ladies that have them, do you cut your end pieces before you put it together or after? It seems like it would be easier to do it beforehand to have minimal cuts?
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