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Default Re: How do you figure how many spools of tulle you need for one tutu? are going to love it!! The only thing I don't like, is that I have to order the spools. HL has them but never the color I need...LOL!

Originally Posted by marsupialr85 View Post
i always wondered this!!!! its already cut to 6 inches... i gotta try this out with spools too...'re funny! You have helped alot, the tutu I will make is 15" waist & 10" long. Oh and it's 4 different green, shocking pink, turq. and bright purple. Thanks, girl!

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
I do not really count how many spools I use exactly I just go until it is as full as I like it, but I know the last tutu I made had a 20" waist and was 12" long and I used about 85 yards. So not quite 4 whole spools, I was going to add more and the mom didnt want me too so maybe 4 spools is what I normally use. The smaller ones I make I use between 2 and 3 spools. Maybe I am no help? LOL

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