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Default Re: Am I just a prude???

Originally Posted by NYGalinSteerland View Post
OMG, how did you refrain yourself from not killing him?!
I use to have a blog and I had several posts about BF my twin girls. Apparently my blog became popular with some pervs. UGH it still makes me feel ill.
Originally Posted by LuvyBug Designs View Post
OH MY GOD!!! How you both managed to maintain composure and didn't do something to them is beyond me. I'm not sure I could have been so civil. Sick fu(k$
My ex works at a prison and knew it would mean his job. If he had touched them. Me I freaked and wanted to slap him silly, But the gentleman in the seat behind him,ask whoever was on the phone to join him.Is friend arrived in just a minute or two. The one who called pulled out his badge as did his friend and took them away. Our police station is right next door to popeyes
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