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Default Re: Am I just a prude???

OH MY GOD!!! How you both managed to maintain composure and didn't do something to them is beyond me. I'm not sure I could have been so civil. Sick fu(k$

Originally Posted by cheerstarztinymom View Post
OMG that is just so inapropriate.

I agree that I'd never let neither of my daughter wear that. Children are already prayed upon to easily in the world today. My oldest has a 2 piece but its a tank top style top and has a short style bottom. My youngest wears a whole piece and both often keeps thier t-shirts on over them.
When my dd's were about 5 and 3, the family wet to get popeyes for dinner and were allowed to leave their dress up clothes on And some sick prev sitting at a table. Told his friend with him that he love a piece of that sweet meat from those princesses.My ex and I both were in shock. Thank God my dds didnt understand. My youngest thought we want some of her chicken and proceeded I get him a piece wrapped in a napkin. They left popeyes in the back of a police car . My dd wants a tutu dress for her upcoming b-day.I bought a peice of already smocked fabric to put under the headband part of the top piece. Joannes has the already smocked fabric in several colors.
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