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Default Weird tulle from UB

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had a weird lot of tulle from UB? I have been procrastinating making tutus for my dd and niece (well for my niece I only got measurements at 9 last night!) but started to make them last night and as I started to wrap the tulle to cut it, I noticed it was very stiff, and scratchy.

Then it got all crazy, went in an L shape and was completely mangled, another L shape, then that piece came off completely, more mangled tulle and about 3 pieces later it became totally different stuff on the rest of the roll. I lost I would say a good couple of yards. The rest of the tulle was fine, and was much softer and more like what I am accustomed to.

Has anyone else ever had a bad roll like that? I'm hoping it was just some sort of mishap that didn't involve all the tulle I bought, I don't have time/money to buy more atm.
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