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Default Re: Ok, I bought a postal scale. Now what? Help :)

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
Yes pp. Ok so I have to measure each pkg? And print as in the shipping label?do I just tape it to the box? See what I mean, I know nothing . I had been going to the po for quotes etc.Also, where can I find out the diff of parcel, first class, priority etc?
pp has the package size options on a drop down menu. you pay from pay pal and print the shipping labels at home. than just drop it off at the po or squedule a pick up form the usps site. I know that for first class the package cannot weigh more than 13 oz. priority is almost always flat rates unless you order regular non flat rate boxes from usps (free) parcel is for anything big not being shipped priority. I guess is cheaper depending of package size.
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