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Default Re: I'm a bow fraud

Originally Posted by ksterling628 View Post
I just updated the OP with a stacked bow I made. How does it look? It still seems off to me (there is not a bow on the bottom, maybe that's why?) and the surround loops don't look quite right to me. Any tips on how to improve it?
the stacked bow looks good!! I would add a bow on the bottom, as for the surround loops I make mine about 1"-1.5" larger than my centre bow - if I cut 17" for my centre bow then my loops are 18.5".

Have you tried making your bows without the templates? I've never used templates but I mark and measure my ribbon and then fold I think it gives me a little bit more control on the loops - its really is all in the fold.

For me its korkers I can't make! I can't tell you how much ribbon I've burnt trying!
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